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I can help you gain clarity and pinpoint areas of your account that need some TLC.

Instagram Management

Are you lacking time? You need someone to do all your social for you. I can do that!


Need tailored advice to help master your social? I can coach you through the finer points.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You know you need fresh content, but how do you find the time?
  • You love the connections you’ve found on social media but you want to find more of your people.
  • You’re ensure how to get people to see your content on Instagram.
  • You’re eager to get 10,000 followers (or a 100,000) but it feels like a long road.
  • You want to ditch the social (media) anxiety in favour of social success.
  • You feel lonely and want some support for your small business.

These are common issues I’ve heard with my clients. Social media is a huge marketing opportunity.  There are 1 billion people on Instagram, some of them will be your fans.  There’s huge growth opportunity out there.  I can share my knowledge with you – earned the hard way by taking any account from zero to 60k (real) followers.  No dark arts, no bots (bots don`t buy!).

I will help you navigate the choppy waters of social media.