'overhaul your instagram' package

Need an expert to tell you how your page is performing?

Get a thorough rundown of exactly how your Instagram page is performing with a bespoke 20 page audit.

why you need this...

If you’re struggling to maintain a successful Instagram page, stop tearing your hair out – you need clarity! A tailored audit of your page can really help you to unlock the Instagram code.

By the end of the audit you will have clear, actionable steps that you can start implementing on your page immediately.

the package includes:

Overview of your page

Instantly find out how your Instagram profile and feed layout comes across to your audience.

Sample content layout

Learn how to create scroll-stopping content that is practical as well as pretty.

competitor Review

I unpack the Instagram feeds of accounts who excel in your niche. Find out exactly why their content works.

audience Attractors

Learn how to optimise your posts and stories so that they attract your ideal audience and nurture the people who love your content.

steps to success

Get tailored engagement tips and key takeaways that are both actionable and practical.

mini Tutorials

Four personalised mini tutorials that will direct you through the key takeaway steps.

Your personalised audit
Tailored for your page. Get actionable steps that will work for YOU.
I tell you what works well
Get next step action points that will take your page to the next level.
Lets optimise
Understand how you can easily optimise & adapt your posts and stories.
Easy content layout
Customise your content to work smarter, not harder.

Social media feels like it should be easy.  After all doesn`t everyone and their grandma have an account these days?

You want to feel like your getting Instagram right.  You want to master the art of building a following and connecting with the right people – your people.

The reality is you are far too busy to let Instagram take up your time. 

You might obsess over likes or procrastinate over what to post next and feel disheartened when a post bombs.  There’s a disconnect between you and the audience you are trying to reach. You need something that benefits yours business.

You want to discover the secret recipe. You desperately need that ‘ah ha’ moment. You need to get out of Instagram jail and in front of your fans.

I’m here to help you harness the true power of Instagram.  

The Overhaul Your Instagram Package is design so that you stop the random guesswork and start getting super intentional with your Instagram page.

You get advice you can actually use

‘Sian’s audit is extremely professional, in-depth but most importantly, its filled with practical tips that are immediately applicable. It’s apparent that she is highly knowledgable, but she makes the information very relatable and helpful.‘  Sarah – Child Psychologist.

You make progress quickly

‘I’ve completely revamped my posts and organised exactly how and when I post to get the most visual engagement. My account has grown from the low 700s to over 1000 now… all in the space of a few weeks.’  Gemma – Postnatal Fitness Guru.

You regain control

‘After the Instagram audit, I had a clear action plan of the types of content to post on my account. Sian provides practical tips that are quick to implement.’  Amanda – SLP