Have you been riding the Instagram roller-coaster for too long, wondering why the algorithm hates you?

You’re not alone. Social media feels like it should be easy. 

Shouldn’t it be second nature to just upload and get on with your day? Let the sales tick over in the background?

If only it were that simple…The reality hits. You’ve got a gazillion things to get on with and social media should just be a small part of life. But it ends up taking over.

You obsess over likes. Procrastinate over what to post next and feel disheartened when a post bombs. You think to yourself, ‘surely this isn’t right? I want something that benefits my business, not detracts from it.’

You want to discover the secret recipe. You desperately need that ‘ah ha’ moment. You need to get out of Instagram jail and in front of your fans.

I’m here to help you. I’m here to help you harness the true power of Instagram. 

Now, what do you need?

I need...

...to know if i'm on the right track

Not sure what’s working…and what isn’t? Time to make everything crystal clear.

If you’re struggling to maintain a successful Instagram page, stop tearing your hair out – you need clarity! A thorough audit of your page can really help you to unlock the Instagram code.

Stop the random postings and guesswork. Start thriving. It’ll make your Instagram waaaay more enjoyable!

By the end of the audit you will have clear, actionable steps that you can start implementing on your page immediately.

You get advice you can actually use

‘Sian’s audit is extremely professional, in-depth but most importantly, it’s filled with practical tips that are immediately applicable. It’s apparent that she is highly knowledgeable, but she makes the information very relatable and helpful.‘  Sarah – Child Psychologist.

You make progress quickly

‘I’ve completely revamped my posts and organised exactly how and when I post to get the most visual engagement. My account has grown from the low 700s to over 1000 now… all in the space of a few weeks.’  Gemma – Postnatal Fitness Guru.

You regain control

‘After the Instagram audit, I had a clear action plan of the types of content to post on my account. Sian provides practical tips that are quick to implement.’  Amanda – SLP

...to reach my ideal audeince

Nurture your audience and turn followers in to fans.

If you’re eager to nurture your ideal audience, but you’re currently just hearing crickets, you need my intensive Grow + Connect coaching program.

This heart-led, authentic approach will take you through a step-by-step plan that will help you easily achieve your goals.

Find the tools you need to grow with intention. Attract your soulmate followers and build the community of your dreams.

You gain followers

‘I started an Instagram group several months ago and was clueless about how to create content that would be helpful to parents or how to gain additional followers who would be meaningfully engaged with my posts. Sian did an in-depth analysis of my account along with accounts in my field. She helped me to develop a step-by-step plan for how I could easily achieve my goals. With her guidance, I was able to dramatically improve my content and double my followers in a short amount of time. Sian was also such a pleasure to work with.’ Cara – Parenting Translator.

You transform your page in real time

‘I LOVE the way your mind works! Your creativity shines, and you see possibility everywhere. Thanks for sharing your passions and insights. They have been game-changers for me and my social media presence.’ 
Rebecca / LearnPlayGrow Consulting

You save time and effort

‘Before working with Sian, I was completely lost with my Instagram account. Sian has been instrumental in repairing my account and showing me how to use it as a tool for growth and engagement.’ Claire – Embodhii